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Sarah Caiger has been affected by breast cancer, but she shares with us how a bad experience taught her some good lessons.

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I think that the disease, cancer, has had a huge effect on my life and me. There are numerous people that have had cancer who are close to me who have either died from cancer, or won the fight of cancer; both being traumatic experiences. These events, of seeing people dying and watching people fighting this awful disease taught me a couple of things.

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When looking through her mother’s things, Linda discovered this poem her mother, Yvonne, had written after she had been treated for breast cancer.  Unfortunately seven years later, Yvonne’s cancer returned, so we are posting her poem today in her memory.


Emily takes us on a philosophical journey as she remembers her Aunt Darquise.


My aunt Darquise was my mom’s older sister. She always smiled and had a great laugh. And she was brave, because she went through a lot of tough stuff, including breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She did treatments for nearly two years until the cancer was finally gone, but it came back and she put up a good fight until the treatments stopped working.

Mom told me my aunt was afraid at first, but then she went to church for counseling, and the priest assured her everything was alright. My aunt died peacefully and quietly, knowing she was fine.

It doesn’t matter if heaven exists or not. Dying itself is just part of the natural recycling process of life. It works the same way a lot of things do. The leaves that fall from the trees shrivel and turn into soil, which allows for more plants to grow. The waves of the water flow in and out, We inhale, and then we exhale. Our bodies thrive and then pass away.

I love life when I remember it’s simplicity and it’s miraculous beauty.

By Emily Hunt

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My name is Emma and I’m 19 months old!  My Mum and Dad wanted me to ride in my buggy during The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure but this was way too important a day to be lazing about!  Read the rest of this entry »