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Wall of Hope Wall of Hope

Local area PeeWee boys Lacrosse team (Rideau Rage) show their support for “Paint Canada Pink” week and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.


On Friday August 1, 2008 the boys marched into the arena in Whitby ON for their first Provincial lacrosse game with their heads held high and their socks dyed pink! The pink socks remained on their feet right through to the quarter finals!

Unfortunately, their winning streak came to an end at the quarter finals in a close game against Halton Hills on Saturday evening.

Heads still held high and pink socks still on their feet they packed up to come home; proud of their accomplishments.

My name is Dina Jeltak and I am 44 years old. I arrived in Canada from Russia in September 1996. Exactly one year later I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34. My doctor and I worked out a treatment plan that worked for me to take into consideration my desire to have children.  I could not imagine my life without children. I waited five long years before my doctor gave me the go ahead to get pregnant.

At the age of 40 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! I was the happiest woman in the world for about two years, and then the cancer came back. Once again I started with chemotherapy treatments but this time I was not only fighting for me- this time I had to fight and win for my daughter.

I’m here today and am hopefully cancer free. I never gave up and both times I’ve had great support from my husband and family.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is launching Paint Canada Pink Week from July 28 through August 3, 2008. A sea of pink will unite communities across Canada to encourage participation in this year’s Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure.  Paint Canada Pink Week activities are led by volunteers across the country to raise awareness for the 2008 Run.

“Paint Canada Pink Week is an opportunity for communities across the country to connect in a creative and positive way to support the breast cancer cause and encourage friends, families and co-workers to participate on October 5th for the Run” said Alison J. Youngman, National Board Chair. “The Foundation and many Run sites have teamed up with local businesses coast-to-coast to make this year’s Paint Canada Pink Week even greater with new events in more locations.”

Paint Canada Pink Week events will take place in communities large and small across the country. Highlights include Ottawa’s Mayor Larry O’Brien officially declaring Paint Canada Pink Week at a flag raising ceremony on Monday July 28th. This will be followed by a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate Ottawa’s 15th year of participation in the Run. In British Columbia, volunteers are raising banners at Run sites and a building will be wrapped in pink. In Halifax, a bus has been wrapped with images and content featuring the “Connected” Run 2008 theme. Toronto will see pink as the CN Tower is bathed in pink lighting all week and TSX will ‘Open the Market Pink’ on August 1, 2008.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation received this letter in the mail:


My name is Victoria.  For my 11th, birthday in lieu of a birthday gift, I asked for money to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  Last year for my 10th birthday and my brother’s 7th birthday, we both decided to donate to the fundraiser at our local hospital.  At the time, the hospital was raising money to buy a CT scanner.  I also donated to the Salvation Army.

So, this year I wanted to change my charity and finally decided to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  I know how important the charity is as we have close friends that have had breast cancer.  Hope you enjoy the lovely donation.



Victoria raised a total of $330 on behalf of the Foundation.  That’s 30 times her age!

Great work, Victoria.  The Foundation appreciates your thoughtfulness and dedication to the cause.



At the age of eleven, Emma Simpson has already accomplished many amazing things.  She has completed grade five, raised $10,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, has been recognized as the top fundraiser at the Sydney, Nova Scotia  Run site for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure and won one of 12 prestigious, world wide ‘Huggable Heroes’ awards from Build-a-Bear Workshops™. 

Dedication and perseverance have gotten Emma to where she is.  Emma raises money by selling pink ribbons that she makes herself, putting out donation cans with pink ribbons in local stores, asking businesses in the area for donations, and by selling raffle tickets for handmade quilts and other goodies.  Emma hopes to have raised $100,000 by the time that she finishes high school! 

Emma started fundraising for the cause and the Foundation when she heard that a teacher at her school had breast cancer.  Since then Emma has raised over $10,000 on her own for the cause.  Part of Emma’s award from ‘Huggable Heroes’ is $2,500 to put towards a charity of her choice and Emma has chosen to donate this money to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Emma leaves on Monday for a four day trip to Washington, D.C. to collect her prize and meet the other Huggable Heroes from across the world.  Congratulations, Emma!