Debi Smith (pictured above) is a writer who blogs about her experiences with breast cancer here.

After two years of following a suspicious lump in my left breast, my GP and I were shocked to discover cancer deep in my right breast. Despite being 50, super fit and a healthy eater, cancer had caught up to me.

The amount found was only 10mm in size, something that would not have been discovered as early as a year prior. With all the donations and money coming in for cancer research, there are greater capabilities for diagnosis, treatment and care. I am so thankful to each and every cancer fundraiser out there. They are making progress thanks to you!

The miniature cancer was already in a lymph node trying to head out to the rest of my body. After two surgeries, chemo, radiation and then breast reconstruction I feel almost myself, but the truth is your old self will never return. Instead cancer left behind a slightly beat-up, wiser, tenacious woman that is determined to stop anyone else from going down this road. But I have made meaningful changes in my life, which gives me power over my lasting fear that cancer may come calling again.

I suggest you learn to stand up to cancer too. The earlier you start, the more hope you have. Right now would be a good time.