Team dediKATEd at the 2013 CIBC Run for the Cure. Kate is seated in the first row, five from the left.

For the past two years I have been extremely proud to put together a team for my sister, Kate. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer 20 months ago. Kate has beaten the odds time and time again; she continues to surprise her doctors and nurses. If it weren’t for people like us, collecting donations and participating in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure, Kate may never have been given the opportunities and treatments she has been so fortunate to have.

Team dediKATEd was formed in 2012 to show Kate that she has a support network bigger than she even imagined. I asked friends and family to join, donate, and spread the word – and did they ever step up! I knew Kate’s story would generate a lot of support, but even I was humbled. We raised just under $10,000 for our first year and everyone was already looking forward to the walk in 2013! This year, we had people travel from all over Alberta and even Vancouver to walk with Kate. We are so proud to say we raised WELL over $10,000 this year! Kate herself raised $1,500 from her generous friends, coworkers and family. We even had our dog, Juno, sign up, who raised $445 for the team!

Team dediKATED at the 2012 CIBC Run for the Cure

Now, anyone who knows Kate knows that she has probably never owned anything pink in her life. It just didn’t seem right to deck ourselves out in pink when walking for Kate – we had to stand out! Team dediKATEd proudly wears BRIGHT orange and do we ever stand out. Plus, I know Kate feels proud as she can see each and every person donned in orange crossing the finish line, just for her.

We are already looking forward to the CIBC Run for the Cure in 2014 and we’ll be proudly wearing our bright orange for Kate!!