For her Cook for the Cure party, Gayle and her friends hosted a bra decorating contest using themes that inspired them.

Someone asked me once if I had any sisters. Sadly no, I answered. But that is not quite true, for I have many, many sisters. These sisters are part of my Christian family at St. James Anglican Church (SJAC) in Fenelon Falls.

When I first read about the “Cook for the Cure” the ladies of SJAC had formed a group called “Food for Thought.”  We met on a regular basis to share potluck, fellowship, and to discuss upcoming events in our church. It happened to be my turn to host our get-together and I thought the Cook for the Cure would be a great theme. We all liked to cook, and especially sample each other’s recipes, and we were all on board for donating to breast cancer. It was a great success.  So as part of our outreach we made the Cook for Cure party an annual event. That all began in October 2005. To date we have raised over $2,500 for breast cancer.

Our Cook for the Cure parties are all about fellowship and supporting one another. We have enjoyed speakers over the years: some of them breast cancer survivors, a representative from the Look Good, Feel Better Program, and women who have spoken about natural and healthy alternatives.

This year the theme was Celebrate (simply that we are women) Decorate (decorate a bra) and Donate (to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation). The “Decorate a Bra Contest” was a huge success. The ladies were asked to decorate a bra using a theme that was important to them, such as a special holiday, a favourite song, etc. We did not share ideas or discuss our bras. Bras were given a number and hung about the house so when the ladies arrived for lunch they could get a good look at them and vote for their favourite by number.

Out of the 15 entries, Arlene won first prize. She dedicated her bra to her mother’s life: a cancer survivor, a long-standing member of SJAC, a teacher, a seamstress, a gardener and so much more. The many different aspects of her life were depicted on Arlene’s bra. Even the colour had been her mother’s favourite.

Appropriate for this time of year, Lucy’s Halloween entry won second prize.

Ida, who left her entry to the last minute, and needed some encouragement to get started, won third. The highlight was two small breast cancer teddy bears sewn in each cup. We called this entry Bear Breasts.

One of our ladies had just returned from a holiday in England and decorated her bra with Union Jack material. She called it “British Bobbies.”  Another was decorated after the song Buttons and Bows. There were bras decorated with feathers, beads, angel wings, even tiny mice. Each entry had its own style and flair.

Lunch Menu:

Appetizer-size Pork Souvlaki (my husband barbecued a half hour before the ladies arrived and he disappeared)(15 minutes on the grill)

Spanakopita (25 minutes in the oven)

Greek Salad

Fruit Salad

Cheese plate and antipasto, crackers

Sweet & Sour Meatballs (prepared in advance and frozen)

Tiny Croissants

Assorted tarts for dessert (prepared ahead)

Wine, juice, coffee, tea

Note: This year was one of the first we did not have potluck. I was fortunate to find a lady who has souvlaki and spanakopita already prepared, marinated, frozen and delicious. The Greek salad I made in the morning. The fruit salad was just cut up fruit bought at the grocery store and put in a bowl. I looked for recipes that could be prepared in advance and frozen such as the S&S meatballs and the antipasto. I also had a friend come over about two hours before lunch and help me. Things always go better with a friend.