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Rayna documents herself throughout her breast cancer experience

Eighteen months ago, I was following up on a lump that I had. I had it examined and was told it was fibrous tissue and to come back if it got bigger. I should have gone four months earlier than I did. I had been to the radiologist many times and was always told that everything was fine. NOT this time. I had a mass that was found by an ultrasound that needed to be checked immediately.

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Josh (pictured left) with his mom

My name is Joshua Fraser, I am 24 years old and my mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has four treatments of chemotherapy and we are all doing out best to get through this together! Her second treatment will be next week and her hair has started falling out, so I decided to make the head shaving a little easier.

Josh’s video

The video is to show her how much I love her and want her to know chemotherapy cannot change how BEAUTIFUL someone is!

Juanita at the 2013 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure

This is me after I ran 5 km on Oct 6 2013, almost 8 months after my chemo and radiation ended. It was such a high; I felt like I had triumphed over the monster!

“It’s okay to stand out” (Photo by Shawn K Bennett)

At the age of 24 I thought my worst problems were getting over a bad break up and finding the right career, but once I thought I hit rock bottom, being diagnosed with breast cancer really put things into perspective.

Work, workouts and partying on weekends suddenly turned into doctors appointments, chemo treatments and sick days in bed! My most troubling questions went from “should I move out this year?” to “should I get my breast removed?”

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Debi Smith (pictured above) is a writer who blogs about her experiences with breast cancer here.

After two years of following a suspicious lump in my left breast, my GP and I were shocked to discover cancer deep in my right breast. Despite being 50, super fit and a healthy eater, cancer had caught up to me.

The amount found was only 10mm in size, something that would not have been discovered as early as a year prior. With all the donations and money coming in for cancer research, there are greater capabilities for diagnosis, treatment and care. I am so thankful to each and every cancer fundraiser out there. They are making progress thanks to you!

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